Eritrean Sex Attacker Given Just 30 Hours Community Service

An Eritrean migrant has been sentenced to just 30 hours community service for a violent sexual assault on a woman in a car park. While on patrol in the town of Bad Oldesloe, Germany, police heard cries of distress. In the stairwell of a car park, officers found a 17-year-old migrant attempting to rape a woman. Police said that when they found the victim, who is 18 years old, her face and neck were covered with bite wounds. They said they had to physically tear the Eritrean away from the young woman, whom he was holding down and trying to rape when the police approached him. Police spokeswoman Sonja Short said the migrant was aggressive and tried to resist arrest, reporting that one officer needed to be hospitalised after the Eritrean struck him on the head. Ms. Short noted that the victim was also under medical supervision as a result of the brutal sex attack. On Thursday, after a two-hour hearing was held behind closed doors due to the defendant’s age, the court let the migrant go free. For assault, sexual assault and resisting arrest, the judge sentenced the Eritrean to just 30 hours community service. The migrant, who had consumed alcohol at