ESPN: OJ Gave Fantasy Football Advice to Prison Mates, Guards

OJ Simpson
Leading up to former football star O.J. Simpson’s Thursday parole hearing, ESPN ran a segment discussing how easy life has been for “The Juice” at Lovelock Correctional Facility. Per the ESPN report that aired on “SportsCenter,” Simpson gets special treatment and has had a “larger than life persona” in prison. Lovelock inmates, and even guards, got fantasy football betting advice from Simpson. “There was a lot of betting,” former Lovelock corrections officer Jeffrey Mandoki recalled. “As you know, it’s not supposed to take place in the prison, but Juice’s football knowledge …they would use that to their advantage.” Retired guard Jeffrey Felix told ESPN, “Not only the inmates want that advice, but I went to his cell the first year and I saw his fantasy football lineup and I copied it down. I won every year using his fantasy [team].” Follow Trent Baker on Twitter @MagnifiTrent