EU Army Is Not a ‘Dangerous Fantasy’, It Is a Frightening Reality

EU Army
Back in 2014 then Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said the idea of an EU military was a “dangerous fantasy”. So how is it that David Cameron has announced the involvement of a Royal Navy warship in Op Sophia, a mission under the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy? Number Ten announced it would seek UN approval to deploy a Navy vessel to turn back boats carrying both migrants and weapons heading from the EU as the summer season for people trafficking commences. This border assistance is part of an EU Border Assistance Mission in Libya called Operation Sophia which was given the green light back in May 2013 with an annual budget of around €26 million. Downing Street has decided the UK will get involved because it says there is now a risk that Islamic State terrorists are using the migrant route to enter the UK. Well done, Mr Cameron: you’re only a year behind the rest of us. I’ve been reporting – along with Breitbart London – that ISIS have been using the naive bleeding heart open door policies of Brussels to enter the continent for many, many months. We even know they are active in the camps