EU Border Agency: We’re Unprepared for New Wave of Migrants

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After the closure of the Balkan route, the European Union border agency Frontex warns that Europe is woefully unprepared for another large wave of migrants. One year ago this month saw the start of the migrant crisis which has seen over a million migrants from the Middle East and North Africa flood into the European Union (EU) via Turkey.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel then open the flood gates to the mainly Muslim migrants, inviting them to travel across the Balkans through Hungary to settle in Germany and western Europe. Though the Balkan route is now closed, Frontex believes that many of the vulnerabilities that led to the start of the migrant crisis last year have yet to be resolved, Die Welt reports. Frontex marks June 18th 2015 as the crucial start of the migrant crisis. On this date, the Macedonian government allowed migrants temporary 72 hour permits to transit through the country to carry on to Hungary and to Germany. A year after that date the border agency sees little change in the causes for the migrant crisis: the Syrian civil war is still unresolved and North African people smugglers are more active than ever with thousands of migrants being rescued off the Libyan and