EU Commission Plans To Invite World’s Poorest To Europe

The European Commission has unveiled plans to massively increase legal migration from Africa with a relaunched “Blue Card” scheme to make Europe “more attractive” to people from the world’s poorest continent. The plans were in response to the up to 20,000 Africans a week who embark on boats to make their way to Europe. The new and reformed Blue Card system aims to redress “failures” of its previous arrangements. “Limitations” that the Commission identified were that it was “insufficient, unattractive and therefore underused”.Despite the Commission’s press release which repeatedly emphasises that the scheme will attract “highly skilled” migrants who will greatly benefit the European Union’s (EU) economy, they announced that the salary threshold for new arrivals will be reduced, for greater “flexibility”, and that funding will be provided to countries at the EU level.Recognising that people from non-European backgrounds living in Europe are much more likely to be unemployed or on low wages, the Commission has stressed that “integration measures” and “active participation and social inclusion” will be necessary. Contradicting the idea that migrants arriving will be “highly skilled” is the proposal that education, employment and vocational training will be provided for them. The current unemployment rate in the EU across the