EU Leaders Dismiss EU Parliament’s Request For Role in Brexit Negotiations

EU summit 2
BRUSSELS (AP) — The leaders of 27 European Union countries on Thursday rebuffed a bid by the EU legislature for a much bigger role in talks on Britain’s exit from the bloc, an argument that detracted from efforts to show a united stand in the negotiations. Even though the EU Parliament will have to approve any Brexit scenario at the end of the talks, the EU nations plan to give the negotiator chosen by the bloc’s executive Commission, Michel Barnier, the chief position at the negotiating table. That will leave the legislature, which has often been critical of Britain, in a minor role. The parliament has increased its decision-making powers over the last decade and has often clashed with Brexit-backing politicians like former U.K. Independence Party leader Nigel Farage. Because of its diverse political makeup, the EU Parliament could become an unpredictable player in the approval process. EU Parliament President Martin Schulz told the EU leaders that “to relegate the European Parliament to a secondary role” would put the outcome of Brexit talks in danger. “If we are not adequately involved, we may not be able to give our consent. And in this situation, the UK would face the hardest