EXCLUSIVE – Dave Brat: Trump ‘Has The Guts’ To Move U.S. Embassy To Jerusalem

Dave Brat Close AP
JERUSALEM – U.S. Congressman Dave Brat and Congressman-elect Scott Taylor affirmed their belief that President-elect Donald Trump will make good on his promise to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. “[Trump’s] priority in moving the embassy is a huge symbol,” Taylor told Breitbart Jerusalem on Monday at the Jerusalem Leaders Summit. “You’ve heard of other presidents who have started to do it but they end up not doing it, but I think he will. And I support it.” Congressman Dave Brat agreed: “Oh, he has the guts to do it.” The political ascent of both Taylor and Brat came as something of a surprise, and can be seen as a pit-stop indicator of the revolutionary path that led to Trump, viewed by the establishment as the ultimate interloper, winning the election. Both were grassroots efforts that saw the candidates running bootstrap campaigns against formidable opponents. Taylor, a former Navy SEAL, was outspent almost twelve to one by eight-term Congressman Randy Forbes. Against all the odds, Brat famously defeated former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the 2014 GOP primary. According to Brat, average Americans are so jaded by the political climate that outsiders are being embraced. He sees many similarities