EXCLUSIVE: Evidence Cameron/Remain ONLY Targeting Under-35s For Govt-Funded Voter Registration Blitz

Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron and the ‘Remain’ campaign are only targeting one specific demographic to register to vote in Britain’s referendum on the European Union (EU), Breitbart London can reveal. Last week, Breitbart London alleged that the government was spending copious amounts of tax payer money trying to get young people to vote in the referendum, considering they are more naturally likely to vote ‘Remain’. Yes I agree it *is* despicable to use tax payer money to only target one demographic to shore up your vote. 👍 https://t.co/4fe0YRawbs — Raheem Kassam (@RaheemKassam) June 7, 2016 Despite the dismissive messages from Remain campaigners, Breitbart London can reveal that in fact, Mr. Cameron is only targeting 18-35-year-olds exclusively on Facebook in order to get a huge voter registration bump in favour of the outcome he prefers: a vote to stay in the EU. Facebook sponsored adverts, which have accounted for a huge percentage of those registering to vote on the UK government website, reveal that Mr. Cameron is using his own tax payer funded Facebook page to target younger voters. This means Mr. Cameron, his government, and the Remain campaign are not only ignoring anyone older than 35, but that their claim to