EXCLUSIVE – Jo Cox Friend And Eyewitness: ‘Immoral’ For Her To Be Used As Referendum ‘Token’

BIRSTALL, United Kingdom – A friend, fellow Labour Party campaigner, and eyewitness to the murder of Member of Parliament Jo Cox has told Breitbart London that he does not believe her murder should be used as a “token” for “political ego” in the referendum campaign. Today, though Remain campaigners have officially claimed to have stopped campaigning, Breitbart London has received reports from around the country that ‘Stronger In’ and ‘Better For Our Future’ leaflets are still being delivered. Mr. Hicham Ben Abdallah – one of the men who was originally used to back up the claim that murderer Thomas Mair shouted “Britain First” before he clarified that he did not hear it – has told Breitbart London that Mrs. Cox’s death should not be used for political campaigning. But much of the British public is already incensed about the mainstream media as well as politicians using the tragedy to make the case for remaining in the European Union (EU). Today, Prime Minister David Cameron and leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn travelled to the site of the attack, where they both made overtures about the “well of hatred”, ignoring the overwhelming evidence about Mr. Mair’s mental health status. This occurred while police