EXCLUSIVE: Wilders On Orlando, Paris: ‘Ramadan Is Deadliest Time Of The Year… Time To Stop Muslim Immigration’

Dutch Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders has slammed the French government for failing to prevent the Monday evening Paris terror killings and has squarely placed the blame at the feet of Islam. The veteran anti-Islamisation and counter mass-migration politician, who, despite being an elected member of the Dutch parliament and a former MEP is presently being tried in court for his views spoke to Breitbart London in the wake of two bloody days. Speaking of France’s inability to track and monitor Islamists, Mr. Wilders said of yesterday’s attack: “The Magnanville assassin was a known jihadist. He had earlier been convicted and after serving his sentence been released. He should have been robbed of his French nationality and expelled”. Mr. Wilders is a vocal critic of the establishment’s quiet acceptance of the Islamisation of Western society. Clearly unafraid to focus directly on the root causes of many terror killings in Europe, Mr. Wilders said: “Ramadan is the deadliest time of the year. We should acknowledge that Islam is the problem. Islam and freedom are incompatible. We must de-Islamize our Western societies”. Larossi Abballa, the 25-year-old killer told police and the wider world through his Facebook Live podcast that he had performed the