‘Fantastic’ Says Wilders As Europe’s Right Celebrates Austria Presidential Elections

Europe’s populist right have hailed the unexpected success of the Freedom Party of Austria’s (FPO) presidential candidate in this weekend’s elections, but tactical voting in the second round may rob him of victory. Pollsters were once again proven to be wide of the mark this weekend as predicted strong also-ran FPO candidate Norbert Hofer stormed ahead to take 36.4 per cent of the vote. Trailing behind in second, both Green candidate Alexander Van der Bellen and Mr. Hofer were well ahead of the “establishment” governing People’s and Social Democratic parties who polled identically at 11 per cent each. Messages of support and congratulations flooded in from all over Europe after the result. Germany’s Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) said: “Our political ally in Austria has thus set a further sign, bravo”. Meanwhile Dutch anti-Islamification campaigner Geert Wilders hailed the vote as “fantastic”, reports Kronen Zeitung. Despite the result which put anti-Islam, strong borders, Eurosceptic former aircraft engineer Hofer in first place he could still lose out to the Green candidate. Because the FPO failed to get 50 per cent of the vote in the first round, Hofer will go to round two against left-Green candidate on May 22nd, giving voters from all other parties the opportunity