Farage: EU Is A ‘Mafia’ That Feeds Off Britain’s Power

The European Union (EU) is a “mafia” that “profits from British power” and the UK must vote for Brexit if it ever wants to regain control of its borders, Nigel Farage has said. Speaking to Italian newspaper La Repubblica, the UKIP leader confidently predicted that Leave will win the referendum, and confirmed plans to turn his party into an online movement after this month’s vote. People are concerned that the “lack of controls over who can enter this country represent a threat to our public services, our jobs and our security,” Mr Farage said, adding: “We want to regain control of our laws, our budget and our borders.” “Only the rich and powerful in their five-million pound houses do not understand the devastating effects of immigration on the common people,” he added. When asked if he was “satisfied” to have helped bring about a referendum which has caused “worldwide fears”, Mr Farage responded defiantly: “I am very satisfied. Britain has the opportunity to regain its independence, and I am proud to have played a role in this historic opportunity. De Gaulle once said that all really important projects are long term. And now we are about to reap the fruits