Farage: Remoaners Blaming Russia Have Reached New Low

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has blasted remain-supporters for blaming their woes on “hate figure” Vladimir Putin, who it has been recently suggested influenced the British referendum on leaving the European Union. The accusation was levelled in the House of Commons this week by Exeter Labour MP Ben Bradshaw who said although he had no evidence to back up his claims, felt Russian hackers “probably” swayed the Brexit vote. Telling the chamber “we have got to wake up to this”, Mr. Bradshaw was mocked from some quarters for his unusual accusation, not least by Mr. Farage who joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News who noted that “blaming the Russians is not a uniquely American phenomenon, as Brexit is now being blamed on Russian interference”. Speaking on the show, Mr. Farage remarked: “I think it’s the most hysterical thing I’ve yet seen. “Ever since June 23rd when we voted for Brexit, there have been all sorts of excuses that have been rolled out. But to now blame it on Russian cyber-hacking, I think they have reached a new low”. Making reference to the conspiracy theories presently doing well among Democrat supporters in the United States. Mr. Farage continued: “We have seen