Farage: Tory Leavers Already ‘Backsliding’ on Referendum Outcome, ‘Effectively Selling Out’

UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage has raised questions over Boris Johnson and leaders of the official Tory-led Vote Leave campaign, claiming that he believes they are “backsliding” over the referendum result. Mr. Farage implied the Tory figures are now siding with the Prime Minister to insist the UK should remain inside the free market with open borders forced upon it. “We voted to take back control of our country and its borders”, the UKIP leader asserted. “I am worried it is being used as a smokescreen to do a different kind of deal. I am nervous, more nervous than I was on Friday morning”, he told Channel 4 News. “I am beginning to hear noises, I am beginning to detect there may be some backsliding and I do not find that acceptable”, he said. Adding: “We can control immigration, all we need is a Conservative Party government with the will to do it. And to hear someone like Dan Hannan effectively selling out… worries me greatly”. Farage nervous over Brexit promises“I’m beginning to hear noises, I’m beginning to detect there may be some backsliding” Nigel Farage says he’s “nervous” about Conservatives “softening” on Brexit promises. Posted by Channel 4