Fears Devout Muslim Who Went On Killing Rampage Could Walk Free

Graz Alen
The mayor of Graz has expressed concern the man who killed three, including a four-year-old-child, by driving his car up and down the pavements of the city centre at speeds of up to 90 miles an hour may soon walk free because it has been ruled he was suffering from mental illness. The Bosnian born killer, who followed several Islamic Facebook pages and hundreds of Saudi Arabian Twitter accounts rammed his car into dozens of pedestrians in June 2015, and once his car was too damaged to drive got out and started attacking people with a machete. Today Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung reports not only that he was a devout Muslim who went to Mosque six times a week — not a Catholic with mental illness issues as had been claimed — but he could soon be released. Earlier this week, Alen Rizvanović was judged to be not criminally liable for his actions because he was mentally ill at the time of the attacks by a group of court psychiatrists. On Wednesday, a detention hearing ordered Mr. Rizvanović be released from prison and transferred to a psychiatric hospital, meaning as soon as he is judged well again he would walk free, pending result of