Fed Up With Europe, Syrians Are Paying Smugglers To Take Them Home Again

The narrative that Syrians are “fleeing war” has been shattered again as dozens of migrants in Greece pay smugglers to return them to Turkey and Syria. Living safely in camps, they say Europe isn’t the “better life” they hoped for. In the migrants’ own words, none of those spoken to claimed they sought safety in Europe from the civil war. Instead, the people much of the media and political class call “refugees” are angry at not being allowed to cross to rich northern European countries where they will be given money and housing. One such migrant, a 21 year old art student from Damascus, said he is “very very angry with the Europeans”. After spending a couple of months in Idomeni he decided to return home, saying: “I want to go to Syria and continue my studies at the art school. Even if they open borders, I will still go. I am very angry with the Europeans because of the situation in which we live,” Die Welt reported. The student says he plans to cross first to Turkey, then to Lebanon and from there, Damascus. Attracted by German chancellor Angela Merkel’s invitation to Syrians he added: “I wanted to legally go to Germany,