Fiorina: Unlike Trump, I Never Hired Illegal Immigrants, He’s Trying To ‘Game the System’ In Nominating Process

Carly Fiorina, the running mate for Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, stated that, unlike Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, she never hired illegal immigrants when she was CEO of Hewlett-Packard, and accused Trump of only complaining about nominating rules when they don’t help him, which is “how you game the system” on Wednesday’s “Mark Levin Show.” Fiorina said that HP did hire some foreign workers, something that “many technology companies do.” She added that, unlike Trump, she never hired illegal immigrants or hired foreign workers instead of qualified Americans who wanted a job. She further stated that “the vast majority of people who come into the technology industry become citizens.” And that we should want people to come to the US to become citizens and build better lives. Fiorina also said that she added jobs in the US, and manufactured things in the US, unlike Trump who has some of his clothes made overseas. Fiorina also argued, “Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have a loose relationship with the truth and facts. In this way, they also are two sides of the same coin. They change their minds whenever they have to to fit their purposes and to fulfill their ambition.”