Flashback: The Saint and The Princess

Mother Teresa, Princess Diana AFP
In September of 1997, the world lost two of its most famous women – Diana, the former Princess of Wales, and Mother Teresa of Calcutta. The vast differences between the lives of the two women are obvious. Yet, they died within several days of each other and the fact that Diana was buried following her tragic death with a rosary in her folded hands given to her by Mother Teresa, has led some in the media to reflect on both the contrast and the connection between the two. On September 7, 1997, NBC Today Show featured “Princess Diana and Mother Teresa,” with Jack Ford as co-host and Scott Simon of NPR/PBS reporting: Ford: Britain and the world said final farewells to Diana in this week in London. And on Friday, the announcement came from Calcutta of another historic loss: the death of Mother Teresa. Scott Simon, of National Public Radio and PBS once worked with Mother Teresa in Calcutta; he joins us this morning. Scott, the–the loss of such symbols in one week. Simon: It–it–it is utterly an amazing coincidence that the two most famous women in the world really, according to surveys, should die within just a few days