Fmr GOP Sen Demands RNC Strip ‘Nut Cake’ Trump of Nomination

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “All In” in light of Republican presidential nominee Donald  Trump’s comments today about the Second Amendment and his opponent Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Former New Hampshire Senator Gordon Humphrey (R-NH) said Trump is a “nut cake” and a “looney bird,” so he has “issued a call to members of the RNC this afternoon to demand an emergency meeting of the Republican National Committee to strip Donald Trump of the nomination and to replace him with someone of sound mind.” Partial transcript as follows: HUMPHREY: Yes, Chris, good evening. I’ve reviewed that tape a number of times. Notwithstanding what Rudy Guiliani just said, it’s very clear what Donald Trump was implying, namely that gun people could wreak violence against Hillary Clinton. And against the history of assassinations in the United States of presidents and against the more recent history of indiscriminate gun violence and tragedy on a grand scale, it’s unthinkable that any candidate for president would make such a statement. And it only reinforces again what so many of us have been saying, that Donald Trump is possessed of an unbalanced mind. In the common parlance, the man is a nut cake, he is a looney bird. And