Ford CEO: Trump Wrong About Mexico Move, ‘We Are a Global Company’

Ford Plant Mexico
The CEO of Ford Motor Company dodged CNN’s Poppy Harlow‘s question to him about whether Donald J. Trump was right when he said Ford will fire all of its employees in the United States and move all the jobs to Mexico. “You know, Poppy, it is really unfortunate when politics get in the way and the facts are: Ford’s investment in the U.S. and commitment to American jobs has never been stronger,” said Mark Fields, who took over the Dearborn, Michigan-based automaker in July 2014. “So, Mr. Trump is wrong, correct?” Harlow asked. “That is correct,” he said. The jobs going to Mexico are new jobs and the American workers now building the Focus will be tasked with other production lines. “Facts are stubborn things sometimes,” he said. “We are going to continue to lay them out in a season of a lot of political activity.” Harlow then asked why Ford is creating 2,800 new jobs to Mexico at all? Why not create more jobs in America? “We create jobs in many of the places where we do business,” he said. “We are a global company and we produce in many different places and this is about growing our company globally.” Fields