France Has 5 Million Muslims And Only A Few Hundred Attended ‘Solidarity’ Mass After Nice Attack

Despite France’s huge Muslim population of around five million, just a few hundred turned up in churches around France to show “solidarity” during mass  following the brutal jihadist murder of a priest in Nice. Agence France-Presse reported on Sunday that “[m]ore than 100 Muslims were among the 2,000 faithful who packed the 11th-century Gothic cathedral of Rouen near the Normandy town where two jihadi teenagers slit the throat of 85-year-old Father Jacques Hamel”. The news organisation quoted Rouen Archbishop Dominique Lebrun who said: “I thank you in the name of all Christians… In this way you are affirming that you reject death and violence in the name of God.” And despite Nice’s top imam, Otman Aissaoui (often mis-written as Otaman Aissaoui), leading a delegation to a Catholic mass, the country-wide response from France’s Muslims can only be described as underwhelming. “Being united is a response to the act of horror and barbarism,” said Mr. Aissaoui, an imam who has genuinely spoken out against extremism in recent years. His mosque came under intense pressure from local nationalist group Nissa Rebela in 2011. The group is now ostensibly loosely affiliated to the Front National. The Notre Dame church in southwestern Bordeaux is also