French Prisons are ‘Radical Islam’ Terrorist Universities

radicialzation in prison (Gitmo)
The common link to France accounting for five of the 16 major Western nation terrorist incidents in 2016, including the July 14 “lone wolf” attack in Nice that killed 84 people, is French prisons being “radical Islam” terrorist universities. Despite Muslims comprising just eight percent of the population of France, 60 percent of the 68,000 French prison inmates are Muslims and about the same 60 percent of the 235,000 French parolees are Muslims, according to the Paris newspaper Le Figaro. France has well-known problems with integrating its Muslim community, including high unemployment and concentrating Muslims in ghettos on the edge of big cities. French youth unemployment is a horrendous 23.3 percent. But for the millions of first- and second-generation Arab and African immigrants from former colonies that now live in the suburbs of Paris, the youth unemployment is 50 percent or more. According to Stratfor Global Intelligence, the “frequent discrimination against Muslims in the job market, leaves many Muslims feeling alienated, disenfranchised and resentful.” When this resentment is combined with the European welfare state, in which working is not necessary for survival, Muslim ghettos have become breeding grounds for all kinds of crime and drug dealing. As youths indulge in criminal behavior, many