FT: Brexit Presents A Chance To Deliver A Slap In The Face Of The Elite

If the output of the Financial Times is anything to go by, the voices of the pro-European Union (EU) establishment are finally realising they are doing more to promote the case for Brexit, and risk losing the referendum. Today the international business newspaper has published a long article conceding that the UK’s anti-EU insurgency is fuelled by a mistrust of the elite which has been building for decades. The writer of the article followed one well-spoken Leave campaigner in the prosperous Berkshire town of Bracknell who “does not resemble a revolutionary in the least.” For him, she represents “millions of voters up and down the country” to whom the referendum “has brought home just how little faith they have in Britain’s politicians and parties, business lobbies and trade unions, think-tanks and investment banks.” As the Remain camp begins to pull ahead in opinion polls it has become apparent that deference to authority, including to international voices like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and President Obama, has dwindled. As another Bracknell activist told the Financial Times, the referendum is “simply a vote against the establishment.” He added: “It’s about the blatant lies. When the lies just keep on coming people say: how can I trust these people any longer?” The author notes