Gawker Traffic Plummets to New Lows

Stephen Yang/New York Post via AP
Even as they engage in a desperate attempt to tarnish Peter Thiel, the libertarian tech billionaire who financed Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against them, the once-mighty Gawker Media empire has seen its traffic drop to new lows. According to Variety, Gawker’s traffic dropped by 37 percent in April, with unique visitors down to 44.4 million, its lowest point since December 2013. This represents a 41 percent drop compared to the same month last year. The drop comes after Gawker pivoted away from its old mix of cutural commentary and controversial, invasive celebrity gossip to become a politics-focused site geared towards covering the 2016 election cycle. Apparently the move has not been good for Gawker, which has taken a considerably worse hit than other sites, which also saw their traffic decline in the past month. But it’s not like the company has much of a choice. The blogging empire is still reeling from a Florida court’s decision to demand the company pay $140 million in damages to Hulk Hogan, the former WWE star who became Gawker’s nemesis after they posted a clip from a sex tape featuring the wrestler in 2012. But the company’s real problem was Peter Thiel, the billionaire PayPal founder,