German Cops: Terrorists Could Use Drones At Euro 2016

German Federal Police have warned the media that they are seriously looking at the prospect of drone-based terror attacks at the Euro 2016 football tournament. The German Federal Police (BKA) are warning that potential terror attacks at the upcoming Euro 2016 football tournament may not be in the same mold as previous massacres as in Paris or Brussels. The BKA says that there is a sufficient threat from unmanned aerial drones that they are looking into their own precautions ahead of the event which is to begin Friday in France. A BKA spokesman said, “Conceivable scenarios in which drones could be used range from disturbances of events and general criminal use for reconnaissance, up to possible terrorist attacks, including at major events,” Hanover-based HAZ reports. A central office has been set up by the BKA where they are to check and monitor the market for drones, “and to pool knowledge at the state and federal levels for the detection and prevention of drones,” the spokesman said. The spokesman claims that the findings of the office will allow the BKA to properly assess the potential dangers of drones in terror attacks and also for the safety of the public in general