German Family Claim Asylum In Russia, Claim Homeland Unsafe After Migrant Crisis

A German family have travelled to Russia to claim asylum, saying their homeland was no longer safe due to the huge migrant influx. Andre Griesbach and wife Carola drove 1,400 miles to Moscow in camper van, with two daughters and four grandchildren crammed in the back. The family said they were escaping the “German dictatorship” of Chancellor Angela Merkel, insisting Russian society was far better than their own. The family arrived in Russia on New Year’s Eve 2015 and have so far been stranded in a motel as they struggle with paperwork. Russia considers Germany a “safe country” for asylum purposes, but the family have so far avoided deportation due to legal technicalities. “We have been worried ever since we staged a protest against the German Government outside the Bundestag from September to December 2013,” Andre said. “We don’t feel like Germany is a safe place for us, or to bring up children. When we left Germany in December 2015 we had no time to organise anything. We only got a tourist visa just so we could enter the country. There was no time to arrange a work visa.” The Daily Mail reports that the family are claiming the 1918