Germany: 50% Feel Threatened By Islam, 41% Want To Stop Muslim Migration

After an influx of more than a million Muslim migrants last year to Germany and the subsequent crime waves that have left women feeling uneasy about walking alone after dark, Germans’ tolerance for Islam is wearing thin. A University of Leipzig study has shown Germans are increasingly rejecting Islam. Half of respondents said the huge influx of Muslims to Germany has left them feeling like strangers in their own country. Two years ago such sentiments were felt by 43 per cent, and in 2009 less than 1 in 3 agreed. In January, Angela Merkel declared that “Islam belongs to Germany” but increasing numbers of German people disagree. Only 13 per cent agreed with this statement while the vast majority opposed it. More than 40 per cent felt Muslims should be prohibited from migrating to Germany. Eighty per cent of those responding believed the state should be less generous when assessing asylum applications, compared with only 20 per cent who believed this in 2009. Nearly 60 per cent of Germans now believe that most asylum seekers are not really being persecuted in their home countries. Currently, the German government is embroiled in a row over deporting Moroccan, Tunisian and Algerian migrants. The federal