Germany Elects: Merkel, Schulz Talk Migrant Crisis, Trump’s Tweets, North Korea

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her rival Martin Schulz squared off in a televised debate Sunday evening focusing on migrants, North Korea and Turkey with Schulz saying he will cancel the European Union migrant deal with the country if elected later this month. The debate, which was seen as a test for current German Chancellor Angela Merkel, largely centred around the migrant crisis with Martin Schulz slamming Merkel for not consulting other European nations enough during the crisis. “The inclusion of our European neighbours would have been better,” Schulz said. Merkel quickly replied saying, “We had a very dramatic situation then … There are times in the life of a chancellor when she has to decide.” Schulz also blamed Merkel for the dramatic rise in popularity of the anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany (AfD) who are polling in third place in many current polls and have made huge gains in recent regional elections. For Schulz, the debate was his opportunity to close the gap between the German Chancellor and himself as the challenger. While post-debate polling revealed that Merkel was thought to have performed better, he did appear to close the gap between them. Politico Europe reports: According to broadcaster ZDF’s Politbarometer poll,