Gold Star Mom: If You’re Outraged By Trump, Be Outraged That Obama Ignored Requests To Keep Media Away From Son’s Casket

On Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Legal View,” Gold Star mom Karen Vaughn said that while the Khan family “probably had a right to be offended” over Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s remarks, President Obama ignored a request by her and other families not to bring media to the return of the caskets of their children, and “if you’re going to just be outraged that one person says something that could be construed as a flippant remark without a lot of thought put behind it, what about the outrage over things people do? What about the outrage over Hillary Clinton still to date insinuating those grieving parents who say she said one thing must be mistaken?” Vaughn began by describing her meeting with Trump by saying, “[T]he atmosphere in the room was very warm, very compassionate. If I could describe his demeanor with us, it was gentle, soft-spoken, and tender, and i felt like he got what we’ve given. he understood. it was a very good meeting, and we talked about, we didn’t talk about the Khan situation at all, because frankly, as a Gold Star mom, I’m not that easily offended by things like this. I don’t hold it against anybody