Graphic Video: Three Killed as Car Plows into Tel Aviv Restaurant

car bomb attack
TEL AVIV – Three people were reportedly killed, including the driver, when a car plowed into a restaurant in central Tel Aviv on Saturday night. According to reports, the driver most likely had a heart attack, causing him to lose control of his vehicle and crash it into the front of the restaurant. The incident comes less than two weeks after two Palestinian terrorists opened fire inside a crowded Tel Aviv restaurant, killing four civilians and wounding sixteen more. The Times of Israel has more: Five more people were being treated at Ichilov Hospital for various injuries following the incident on Ben Yehuda Street. Police said it was an accident, rather than a terrorist attack. Below is surveillance video of the moment of impact: Here is video taken in the moments after the crash: Haaretz further reports: According to a preliminary investigation, the driver was speeding and lost control of the car, first hitting a pole and then plowing into patrons sitting at outside tables at Furama, a Chinese restaurant on the corner of Ben Yehuda and Idelson streets. Aside from the driver, who was in his 50s, two men in their 40s and 60s were killed in the incident. A