Green Survey: Delingpole At The Epicentre Of Denialist Evil

Carbon Brief – a green propaganda outlet, lavishly funded by the European Union – has produced a map depicting the world’s most influential environmental campaigners and the world’s most dangerous deniers. In the former category, it’s no surprise that tragic bear-rape victim and private-jet-setting eco-crusader Leo DiCaprio comes top of the list. And in the latter? It gives me no small pleasure to tell you that I, James Delingpole, am depicted sitting dangerously close to the very epicentre of the global nexus of pure denialist evil. Only a handful of names come higher up the list of (alleged) green shame, among them the great Steve Goddard (aka Tony Heller) of the Real Science blog, Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore and Marc Morano of Climate Depot. I’m also proud to be in the company of Allen West and Ron Paul who, for some odd reason, appears to have found his way into the denier category. The rankings aren’t definitive. They are based on Twitter activity on a particular day earlier this year when DiCaprio had just bleated in his Oscar speech about climate change being the worst thing evah — which explains the otherwise inexplicable presence in the lists of people not generally known for