Hillary: ‘Lot of Smoke,’ But ‘No Fire’ With Clinton Foundation

On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “AC 360,” Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton argued that with the Clinton Foundation, “there’s a lot of smoke and there’s no fire.” And that recently announced changes to the Clinton Foundation’s practices that will be implemented if she’s elected are due to “unique circumstances” that didn’t exist during her tenure at the State Department. Clinton was asked, “Why was it okay for the Clinton Foundation to accept foreign donations when you were secretary of state, but it wouldn’t be okay if you were president?” She answered, “Well, what we did when I was secretary of state, as I said, went above and beyond anything that was required, anything that any charitable organization has to do. Now, obviously, if I am president, there will be some unique circumstances, and that’s why the foundation has laid out additional, unprecedented –.” Host Anderson Cooper then followed up, “But didn’t those unique circumstances exist when you were secretary of state?” Hillary responded, “No, no. You know, look, Anderson, I know there’s a lot of smoke and there’s no fire. This AP report, put in it context, this excludes nearly 2,000 meetings I had with world