HLN Guest Compares Dallas Cop Shooter to Kid Who Punches Playground Bully

Wednesday on HLN’s “Dr. Drew,” while discussing  a video in which a Floridian TV personalty said she felt guilty because she did not feel bad for the officers who were shot, psychologist Spirit compared the reaction to the ambush murder of five Dallas police officers to kids on a playground feeling relief that a playground bully was punched. Partial transcript as follows: ABRAMS: “We are talking to the woman who made a controversial Facebook video after two fatal shootings by cops and the ambush executions of five Dallas police officers. I’m Dan Abrams in for Dr. drew tonight. Spirit, you wanted to get in before. I apologize not letting you in before. What do you make of it? SPIRIT: Dan, you’re an attorney so what you do is exactly what you did. You just grilled that young lady and put her in the hot seat. I’m a mental health professional. What I do, I would say is wrongly so. From a mental health perspective was a woman grappling with coming to terms with feeling something that she wasn’t comfortable with feeling. She is losing her humanity and it disturbed her. Wait, Dan. I listened to that whole segment. I want to