Holland: The Islamic State Are Preparing The Ground For the Mass Murder of Christians

British historian Tom Holland writes in The Times: Like any online magazine looking to attract traffic, Dabiq pulls all the tricks of the trade. Its production values are slick, and its look decidedly glossy. The latest edition, published a fortnight ago, boasts interviews, tales of personal redemption and tips on female fashion. There is even a heart-warming photo of a kitten. The skill with which Dabiq exploits the resources of the internet is a tribute to the mingled resourcefulness and cynicism of the organisation which publishes it: Islamic State. Yet however cutting-edge the production of the magazine may be, many of its features have a decidedly antique flavour. This, in a magazine devoted to the thesis that the ideal state existed back in early 7th-century Arabia, is hardly surprising. As revolutionaries, the propagandists of Isis are simultaneously radical and conservative, cleaving to a vision of global apocalypse that is founded on their understanding of the age of Muhammad. The very name they have given their magazine bears witness to their consuming ambition: to head back to the future. Dabiq is a town in northern Syria currently occupied by Isis — and according to a prophecy supposedly made by Muhammad, the End