Hungary: Mass Migration And Terrorism Go Hand In Hand

Mass migration is responsible for terror attacks in Europe including the slaughter in Nice that killed 84, say Senior Hungarian politicians including Viktor Orbán’s Cabinet Office chief. Talking on Hungarian radio yesterday Cabinet Office chief Antal Rogán pointed to recent terror attacks in Europe and said “illegal immigration and terrorism go hand in hand”, and that it was “quite clear” that the “terrorist perpetrators” of recent attacks including those in Paris were “illegal immigrants”, reports the ORIGO news service. Reinforcing the Hungarian government’s line towards the continental power bloc, Mr. Rogán expressed his opinion that it was time for the European Union (EU) to enact a radical change on refugee policy and to stop mass migration. He said the present system incentivises immigration, exacerbating the crisis — and Western European states had failed to integrate immigrants, reports Daily News Hungary. Mr. Rogán said migration to Europe should now be halted, and that the people of Europe shared this view — however “Brussels does not want to hear the voice of the people”. In contrast to the EU, he said Hungary was ready to listen to the views of the people and so the nation is to hold a referendum on migrant