Hungary’s Orbán Urges Remaining EU Members To Claw Back Powers From Brussels

Writing for a conservative German newspaper, the Hungarian Prime Minister has called upon his fellow leaders to take back national powers from the European Union (EU), and blamed Brussels for creating the migrant crisis. Remarking that Brexit — the United Kingdom’s pending withdrawal from the EU — is the first sign of the continental power bloc moving “towards disintegration”, Mr. Orbán demanded in his article ‘Are You Opposed to Peace?’ in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung for an end to the “idealisation of the European project”. Mr. Orbán, who has at times been the strongest and most effective voice in Europe arguing in favour of border security and against the migrant crisis, said providing a sense of security to the 444 million remaining citizens of the bloc was one of the EU’s fundamental roles. This could not be done without adequate “protection of its external borders”, he said. Giving the Hungarian experience as an example of good practice to be emulated by other European states, Mr. Orbán pointed to the border fence he had ordered be built, which effectively reduced the number of illegal crossings into his country from tens of thousands to dozens in just a matter of days within completion. Mr. Orbán