Hypocrite Obama: EU-US Trade Deal Close To Abandonment As Yanks Refuse To Lift Protectionism With Europe

Negotiations on a U.S.-EU free trade deal “will fail” if the US refuses to make significant concessions, Germany’s Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel warned on Sunday ahead of a visit by U.S. President Barack Obama. Hot on the heels of Mr. Obama’s visit to the United Kingdom, where he rubbished the idea of a quick trade deal with the UK if the country chose Brexit, Mr. Obama is visiting Angela Merkel in Germany where the pair will discuss the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) as well as Europe’s migrant crisis. But despite Mr. Obama’s lectures to Britain about keep an open border with, and giving up sovereignty to the European Union, the Americans are refusing to do the same in return to help seal the TTIP deal. “The Americans want to hold fast to their ‘Buy American’ idea. We can’t accept that. They don’t want to open their public tenders to European companies. For me, that goes against free trade,” Gabriel, who is also Germany’s deputy chancellor, told business newspaper Handelsblatt. “If the Americans hold fast to this position, we don’t need the free trade treaty. And TTIP will fail,” he warned. ‘Buy American’ is shorthand for “the Buy American