Immigration is Google’s Most Searched Referendum Topic

Google Eu
The British public are overwhelmingly more interested in finding out about leaving the European Union (EU) than remaining within it, data from Google has shown, with immigration being the most searched referendum-related topic. Millions of Britons have taken to the search engine to find out more about the referendum on EU membership and the arguments being put forward by both sides over the last few months. But data released by Google has shown that in the last seven days at least, Leave has consistently attracted more interest than Remain. Searches for both campaigns peaked on June 9 at around 9pm, likely spurred on by the ITV debate between the two camps taking place at that time. The Leave campaign, represented by former London Mayor Boris Johnson, Labour MP Gisela Stuart and Tory MP Andrea Leadsom was widely acknowledged to have won that debate. Interest in both campaigns faded away following the debate, but searches for Leave have been steadily rising as the referendum date, June 23, draws nearer. Linking the search data to geographic location shows that interest in the Leave campaign is scattered throughout the UK, with hotspots in all four corners of the country. Many districts show that an