‘Impartial’ BBC Calls Trump Election ‘An American Tragedy’

Britain’s public broadcaster — the BBC — has called the election of Donald Trump an “American Tragedy” in a headline for an article featuring an interview with the editor of the New Yorker magazine. David Remnick, editor of the stridently anti-Trump New Yorker was granted an interview with BBC News, part of the British media company which is funded to the tune of billions of pounds a year by a television tax forced on the UK public. Opening with his widely publicised comments from November when Mr. Remnick said of the Trump victory that it was “an American tragedy” and “a sickening event in the history of liberal democracy”, the BBC lauded the anti-Trump figure as a “hero to many in liberal America and beyond”. His magazine has recently taken to publishing instructional articles on ways “to Oppose a Donald Trump Presidency” which includes information on signing left-wing petitions, protesting at the Presidential Inauguration, and even calling for an end to America’s Electoral College, the very system devised by the Founding Fathers to stop major, now liberal, population centres consistently dominating the country. Claiming that the success of President-elect Trump was not down to a significant change in American politics but rather the