Intelligence Chief: Another Terrorist Attack Could Spark Civil War

The head of France’s intelligence agency has called on his government to allocate resources to the surveillance of “far right” organisations, warning the country could be on the verge of civil war thanks to public unrest over the handling of Islamic terrorism. Fielding questions behind closed doors from the Parliamentary Select Committee inquiry into the Paris attacks in November 2015, the transcript of which has today been released, Patrick Calvar, the head of the Directorate General of Internal Security (RPS) explained that it was not just an escalation of the terrorists’ capabilities he feared, but also the subsequent response from what he termed the “far right”. “We must absolutely not yield [to terrorism],” he told the Committee on 24 May. “I think we will win against terrorism; I am, however, more concerned about the radicalisation of society and the basic movement that drives it. That’s what worries me when I talk with my European colleagues: we will have, at one time or another, to provide resources to deal with other extremist groups because confrontation is inevitable.” Asked to clarify whether by “extremist groups” he meant the extreme right and left, Mr. Calvar replied: ”The far left is another matter. You will have a