Islamic State Celebrates Munich Attack: ‘Everything Hurting Infidels Makes Us Happy’

Munich The Day After Shooting Spree Leaves Ten Dead
Islamic State and their supporters have been celebrating the Munich gun attack as though they orchestrated the event, although no links have been found between the killer and Islamist organisations. Following the news that an 18-year-old Iranian-German had opened fire in a McDonalds restaurant and mall in Munich, killing nine and injuring 21 others, Twitter accounts run by supporters of Islamic state claimed that the organisation is “expanding into Europe,” while one of Islamic State’s main propaganda channels claimed the “Whole Europe [sic] is now under our terrorism.” One of main ISIS propaganda channels is already celebrating #Munich attack. ‘Whole Europe is under our terrorism’ — Jenan Moussa (@jenanmoussa) July 22, 2016 An alternative Islamic State propaganda channel said the Caliphate had not yet claimed the attack as one of their own, but they were celebrating victory regardless as “everything hurting infidels makes us happy.” ISIS propaganda channel: “Munich so far not claimed by Islamic State. But everything hurting infidels make us happy” — Jenan Moussa (@jenanmoussa) July 22, 2016 Islamic State supporters have followed suit, celebrating the deaths of innocents as a victory regardless of the killer’s motives. “Thank God, may God bring prosperity to our Islamic