Islamists Recruiting Underage Migrants In Asylum Homes

The German Federal government has released new statistics that show radical Salafist Muslim preachers are targeting underage migrants and trying to recruit them. New statistics obtained from the Interior Ministry by German media shows that the government believes that the influence of radical Salafism is a growing trend among a growing number of underage migrants. Salafist preachers are increasingly recruiting young migrants in and around the asylum homes where they live, Die Welt reports. At least 340 cases have been recorded by the Interior Ministry of Salafist preachers recruiting underage migrants since October of last year. According to the ministry, more than half of those cases occurred in or around asylum homes. The experience of the government shows many of the Salafist groups do not turn up at migrant shelters openly preaching, but rather use giving aid as a front for their activities. The Salafists distribute  food, religious items like prayer mats and Korans, and give cash to the migrants. The government believes that under this guise the Islamists have been able to target an increasing number of young Muslims who they say are the most susceptible to recruitment. Ulla Jelpke of the Left Party has called for an increase in scrutiny