#IStandWithHateSpeech: Twitter Users Revolt Against ‘Orwellian’ EU Censorship Deal  

Twitter users are expressing their support for people’s right to use so-called “hate speech” on social media, after the European Union (EU) announced they are working with Facebook and others to censor unwanted online speech within 24 hours. Yesterday, it was reported that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have “signed up” to a new European Union (EU) “Code of Conduct”, pledging to censor and “criminalise” perceived “illegal online hate speech” as well as “promoting independent counter-narratives” that the EU favours. Members of the European Parliament were swift to tell Breitbart London that it was “Orwellian,” digital freedom groups pulled out of discussions with the EU, and by the end of the day Index on Censorship, the National Secular Society, the Open Rights Group, and the U.S.-based Free Press all slammed the “Code of Conduct”. Now, everyday users of the platform Twitter are having their say under the trending hashtag #IStandWithHateSpeech. Because "hatespeech" will be whatever the EU doesn't want you to say #IStandWithHateSpeech — BREXIT 23.06.2016 (@OffencePolice) May 31, 2016 "Hate speech" is simply a different term for "wrongthink"#IStandWithHateSpeech — Spinosaurus Kin (@spinosauruskin) June 1, 2016 #IStandWithHateSpeech because to hate that which merits hate is healthy. — Lalo Dagach (@LaloDagach) June 1,