Jan Brewer: ‘I’m Fed Up’ With All Republicans Being Treated Like Bigots, Racists

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” former Arizona governor and presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump supporter Jan Brewer defended Republicans that have been attacked as “bigots” and “racists” just for disagreeing with the left. Partial transcript as follows: TAPPER: Attack-dog-in-chief on the stump this weekend in Washington State. Here with me to talk about this and everything else, Martin O’Malley, former Democratic candidate for president and governor of Maryland, now a Clinton supporter, former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, who backs Donald Trump, Ken Cuccinelli, former Virginia attorney general who has endorsed Ted Cruz, and Nina Turner, former Ohio state senator and backer of Bernie Sanders. Governor Brewer, let me talk to you first. Some tough words from President Obama calling Donald Trump a charlatan and a flim-flam man. Do you think that this ultimately might hurt him, Donald Trump? JAN BREWER (R), FORMER ARIZONA GOVERNOR: No, I don’t believe it. President Obama just always comes tearing after Republicans constantly. Calling names and calling people bigots and racists, and that’s their big comeback and absolutely ridiculous. TAPPER: It’s actually an interesting point though, governor — BREWER: To see a president speak like that is offensive, period. TAPPER: But we’ve