Jon Stewart Calls Out Left’s Hypocrisy of Labeling All Trump Voters ‘Racist’ While Defending Muslims

Thursday on “CBS This Morning,” former “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart offered his reactions to last week’s presidential election victory by Donald Trump. While he had some question about Trump, he also had criticisms for Trump’s detractors, regarding their understanding of American history and hypocrisy when it comes to Trump supporters. When asked by host Charlie Rose if now was the time to have a conversation about “who we are” as a country, Stewart said “absolutely” and that he’d rather have the conversation openly than in “dog whistles.” “I would rather have this conversation openly and honestly than in dog whistles,” Stewart said. “You know, somebody was saying, ‘There might be an anti-Semite that is working in the White House.’ I was like, have you listened to the Nixon tapes? Like, forget about advising the president – the president. Like, have you read LBJ? Do you know our history?” He criticized those quick to attack Trump voters as racist, pointing out that to do so would be creating Trump voters as a “monolith,” which in the case of ethnic and religious groups is something liberal detest. “We also have to caution ourselves to the complexity of that history,” he said.