Joy Reid: Dems Need to Stop Pining for White Trump Voters, Cater to Minorities

Sunday from Politicon in Pasadena, CA, MSNBC host Joy Reid was interviewed by the “Pod Save America” podcast and argued the Democratic Party should not try to win over white working class Donald Trump voters. Reid said, “Democrats have all these things they want to do at the same time. They pine for the Trump voter who they think they can somehow talk into not voting for Donald Trump. You know ‘What did we do to you? How did we hurt you? If we can find some way to appease you will you come back to us please.’ You know I’m wearing a little LBJ pin. It has been really since the Lyndon Johnson era which was the last time the Democrats won white voters— a majority of the white voters. And they pine for those voters. So they have that problem. And then they want to figure out well how do we keep the active progressive voter that is really excited and really interested and really wants to be a part of politics? And you can’t really do both and also message to the base of the party which is largely people of color.” She continued, “I do know if