Just One In 10 Belgians Think Migrants Benefit Society

After a year of mass immigration that culminated in the Brussels terror attacks in March, just one in 10 Belgians think migrants are beneficial to their society. An Ipsos poll for broadcaster RTL and newspaper Le Soir found that only 10 per cent have a positive view of migrants, believing them to be “too numerous and a source of difficulties”. Some 60 per cent also believe there are too many immigrants in Belgium, a number than has been consistently high for the past five years. “I think the numbers were already fundamentally very negative,” said Jean-Michel Lebrun of Ipsos, adding: “58 per cent of Belgians in particular think that immigration puts public services under pressure. These are the numbers that are very negative.” Over 30 people died in three coordinated suicide bombings in March this year, when jihadists targeted the departure hall of Brussels Airport and Maalbeek metro station in the centre of the city. Subsequent investigations revealed the perpetrators were part of the same terror cell that had been involved in last November’s Paris terror attacks. In June, Belgian intelligence said another attack was highly likely as jihadists who had been fighting in Syrian returned home. The Belgian anti-terrorist