Kaine Plays Race Card to Black College Audience — Links Trump to ‘Ku Klux Klan Values’

Democratic vice-presidential nominee Sen. Tim  Kaine at FAMU
TALLAHASSEE, FL — Friday at a campaign appearance on the campus of the historically black university Florida A&M, Democratic vice-presidential nominee Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) attacked Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on the grounds of race. Before a mostly African-American student audience, Kaine tied Trump to “Ku Klux Klan values” and “David Duke values.” “Donald Trump was a main guy behind the scurrilous, and I would say bigoted notion that President Obama wasn’t even born in this country and Donald Trump has continued to push that irresponsible, falsehood from all the way up to now, and that’s the difference in this election and that’s the stakes,” Kaine said. “Yesterday, Hillary Clinton gave a speech in Reno, Nevada calling out Donald Trump on a lot of things on this equality idea. Calling him out on the fact that he has supporters like David Duke connected with the Ku Klux Klan, who are going around and saying Donald Trump is their candidate because Donald Trump is pushing their values. Ku Klux Klan values, David Duke values, Donald Trump values are not American values.” “They’re not our values and we’ve got to do all we can to fight, to push back and win to say that