Kassam: Britain Needs UKIP, and UKIP Needs YOU… Now More Than Ever

It’s hard to see UKIP, a party and a movement we love and have worked so hard for in crisis so soon after our greatest victory. I know from speaking to so many of you that you feel the same. And be in no doubt, Brexit was your victory. And it was a victory for Britain. We got the referendum because of UKIP & Nigel Farage, and we won it because of UKIP and Nigel Farage. That movement took 25 years to build. Nigel was standing up against the European Union when I was still in nappies… almost. He knew that whilst you had the John Redwoods & the Bill Cashs in the Tory Party and the Tony Benns in Labour also battling Brussels, only a new party could force the government to do the right thing. There were times when he thought it was hopeless, where people laughed and ignored him. Well, to quote that epic slap down speech he gave in Brussels after the referendum… they’re not laughing now! Nigel has done more for this country than any politician of his generation, but he can’t go on forever. As I told him on the telephone yesterday, he did his