KASSAM: I Won’t Back Boris And Gove… We Need To Look To Andrea Leadsom and Liam Fox

The European Union referendum, no matter how you look at it, was won because of the efforts of one man: UKIP leader Nigel Farage. But Nigel Farage and the 17.5 million people who attracted over 25 years to the Brexit cause are not running to be the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. This is exclusively a Conservative Party decision. But as Farage himself said today, he’d back anyone who’s Brexit – who is genuine. And I simply don’t believe that Boris Johnson is. He’s flip-flopped so much during the referendum campaign I genuinely started to wonder if he was about to perform a last minute, Sarah Wollaston-esque defection. He’s wobbly on immigration and free movement (he wants an amnesty for illegal immigrants!) He’s used the last few days to raise serious concerns over his position on Article 50 and potential “associate membership” of the European Union, and his horrific service as London Mayor makes one wonder if the man has a conservative bone in his body. There’s just no conviction about the man. Now Michael Gove is a different prospect. But he’s not running for leader. He’s just going to be Boris’s “credible” name for his campaign. And that’s